dr. john grbac

Dr. John Grbac

John Grbac, Psy.D.

Clinical Psychologist
Certified Family Mediator           Qualified 
Parenting Coordinator

Counseling and Treatment for Children, Adolescents and Families

With over 20 years of professional counseling experience, Dr. Grbac provides a variety of services to children and families of central Florida.  Beginning as a YMCA camp counselor at age 17, Dr. Grbac has always been dedicated to the happiness and health of children and teenagers.  His continued passion and talent at helping has led to his successful private practice as a leading child psychologist.   “Dr. John”  is well known in the community for his warm and down-to-earth nature, child-friendly approach and vast clinical background, which fosters comfort and support when dealing with sensitive and challenging life problems.

Some of the common issues addressed and services provided by Dr. Grbac are the following:

  • Childhood/Adolescent Behavior and Emotional Problems 
  • Parenting Assistance and Support
  • Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder  – Testing and Treatment
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder and other Developmental Issues
  • Educational Testing – Gifted and Learning Disability Assessment
  • Depression and Anxiety with Children and Adults
  • Child Abuse Issues – Assessment and Treatment
  • Youth Sports Coach and Consultant


  • Divorce Related Concerns for Children and their Parents
    • Counseling for children, teenagers and parents
    • Co-Parenting Counseling and Parenting Coordination
    • Family Mediation and Collaborative Law
    • Custody and Parenting Plan Evaluations
    • Therapeutic Visitation and Reunification Counseling
    • Supervised Visitation Services
    • Coping with Divorce – State Approved Educational Program