About Dr. Monica Pedemonte

Monica Pedemonte, Psy.D. is a licensed psychologist who brings a wealth of experience to our Central Florida community.  With more than 30 years of clinical experience, Dr. Pedemonte lends her warm demeanor and supportive talents to adolescents, adults and seniors. She is bilingual for English and Spanish, and provides individual, family, and couples therapy.

Dr. Monica Pedemonte

Dr. Pedemonte has a rich and diverse personal and professional background, dedicating herself to helping others throughout their lifespan. Upon receiving her Bachelor’s degree in Spanish and Secondary Education from the University of Illinois at Chicago, Dr. Pedemonte began her professional career as an elementary school teacher. She taught language arts to predominately Mexican students in Chicago, as part of a bilingual education program. Dr. Pedemonte would then locate to south Florida, where she taught Spanish to high school students prior to pursuing her graduate training.

Dr. Pedemonte earned her doctoral degree in psychology from Nova University in 1985. She completed her predoctoral internship at the West Side Veterans Administration Center in Chicago, and her post-doctoral residency at the Department of Youth and Family Development in Miami, Florida.

Dr. Pedemonte has provided counseling and clinical services as a private mental health practitioner since 1987. During a portion of that time period, she worked as staff psychologist at the Biscayne Rehabilitation Institute. She also served, while at BRI, as director of outpatient medical rehabilitation, director of clinical training, and was a member of the senior management team.

Currently, Dr. Pedemonte continues to provide a variety of clinical services for teenagers, families, adults and seniors. Regardless of the situation or complexity of the issues, Dr. Pedemonte’s experience lends hope to confront common life and adjustment problems. Ranging from birth to end of life challenges, she provides treatment for clients who struggle with anxiety and depression. Dr. Pedemonte is able to facilitate life changes that promote improved stress management, as well address debilitating symptoms associated with abuse and P.T.S.D. In addition, she provides timely support to parents and families adjusting to separation, as well as parenting guidance.

Dr. Pedemonte has expertise in the area of vocational rehabilitation. She aids injured clients and those with disabilities cope with their challenging situation. Dr. Pedemonte provides therapy for patients suffering from medical illness and assists in managing chronic pain. For other clients and families, Dr. Pedemonte offers compassionate care during the healing process for grief and loss issues.

Dr. Pedemonte is bilingual and bicultural, and was honored as a Broward County Hispanic Woman of Distinction. She provides clinical services for minority clients, assists with diversity issues, and has experience providing evaluations for “hardship” caused by immigration/deportation matters.

Dr. Pedemonte has been a member of the American Psychological Association since 1982. In addition, she has always been involved in her community. She has served with the Red Cross Disaster Team since 1994 and has participated as a volunteer psychologist for over 15 years for the Light of the World Clinic/Clinica Luz del Mundo.