Counseling Services

Immediately upon driving up to the building, you will notice the welcoming nature of “Dr. John’s” office, which used to be a family’s two story home. His office staff is very competent, able to answer questions you may have about the counseling process, and provide accommodations to ensure a comfortable visit. The overall office atmosphere is a reflection of Dr. John’s counseling philosophy of placing children, families, and adults at ease, so they may be best able to deal with the sensitive personal issues that have brought them into counseling.

“Dr. John’s” child-friendly approach gives him an advantage when establishing rapport with a younger population. He specializes in the treatment of child/adolescent emotional and behavioral problems to include mood, anxiety, and behavioral disorders. Dr. John’s therapeutic style quickly creates a connection and provides comfort for children, especially resistant patients. His down to earth personality is refreshing, and allows for difficult emotional issues to be confronted and resolved. The treatment modalities he utilizes include play, individual, and family therapy. Although a majority of his practice involves children and families, many adults seek Dr. Grbac’s expertise, warm approach, and comfortable setting for individual psychotherapy or couples’ sessions.

A welcoming and warm environment for kids and families.

When working with children, Dr. John deals with problematic childhood behaviors and disruptive conduct issues which may occur at school or home. Dependent upon the child’s age and issue, he will use play therapy, individual therapy, and/or family therapy to most effectively and efficiently bring about emotional healing and healthy behavior change. Behavior problems are analyzed, sensitive emotions such as sadness, anger and anxiety are explored, with parents integrated into the treatment process as needed. Dr. John is an expert in the area of behavioral discipline and will assist in developing or fine tuning any family plan. He frequently serves to coach parents in behavior modification techniques and assists in resolving complicated family issues

Dr. Grbac has extensive professional experience with divorce issues. He helps children and teens in dealing with the loss and changes of divorce. Dr. Grbac works with families during divorce and facilitates “co-parenting” skills and communication between separating/divorced spouses. He truly serves the interest of the children during divorce, and when requested, performs custody evaluations.

Dr. Grbac provides specific evaluations and treatment for AD/HD and is one of the founders of the Central Florida CHADD support group. He provides psychological testing to diagnose the neurobiological condition and provides helpful feedback to parents and the child. Dr. John is then able to work with the child to develop coping techniques and to resolve emotional and behavioral problems associated with the condition. Dr. Grbac teams up with parents to develop a behavioral discipline system to manage school and home concerns related to ADHD.

Dr. Grbac receives the Mental Health Services Award of 2000 from the State’s Attorney.

Dr. Grbac also has expertise in the areas of child abuse and sexual abuse intervention. Dr. John assists survivors in coping with anxiety and phobias, domestic violence, child abuse issues, and other difficulties relating to trauma. He is a member of the Victim’s Services Coalition of Central Florida and received the Mental Health Services Provider Award in 2000. Recently Dr. Grbac appeared on the NBC Today Show Segment “Live for Today”, recruited to assist a woman in overcoming her fears.

Dr. Grbac is an approved provider for several major insurance companies and accepts payment from the Federal Victim Compensation fund. Please speak with a staff member to discuss billing and insurance issues