Parenting Plan and Custody Evaluations

While 15-25% of couples divorcing with children engage in bitter emotional disputes over who will obtain the right to raise the children, mediation and collaborative family law practices are strongly encouraged and preferred strategies. For some families,  a custody/parenting plan will be ordered by the court.

Parenting Plan Evaluations (formerly known as Custody Evaluations) are occasionally needed by the court in highly adversarial and complicated family dissolutions. Parenting Plan Evaluations are very comprehensive, evaluating all family members, and are focused on serving the child’s best interest. The process requires several steps, to include interviews of all family members, a review of relevant documents, consultations with others close to the family, and psychological testing.

As a psychologist, Dr. Grbac utilizes both his training in psychological assessment and his understanding of developmental and child issues, to collect information about each family member. The evaluation process provides a wealth of information and a report to the court is completed. The overall goal of the evaluation process is to educate the court, so as to assist the Judge in making the critical decisions about how the child/children will be raised and how the family will move on with their lives.

If you have any questions about any of these services, or the roles that Dr. Grbac may serve to help your children and family, please do not hesitate to contact him directly.

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