Parenting Coordination and Co-Parenting Counseling

 Unfortunately, more than 50% of marriages end in divorce. That leaves the children of those families forced to confront the stressful and difficult emotional process of divorce. Psychology experts have concluded that it is conflict between parents that creates the largest emotional, behavioral, and social risk for children. Since a majority of what parents have to contend with in navigating a divorce is considered to be emotional, versus true law matters, it makes sense that mental health professionals serve in key roles to help families during a divorce.

Psychologists are experts in emotional, behavioral, cognitive, and family systems. A psychologist’s role as therapist requires strategies to improve communication, assist in managing emotions and anger control, and facilitate problem-solving and conflict resolution. When dealing with high-conflict divorce and children, Dr. Grbac provides his experience of developmental issues, mental health variables, family dynamics, and vast knowledge of divorce related issues to help families.

Parents are strongly encouraged to strive towards an agreement on all matters related to the children. When significant challenges remain, Dr. Grbac may best serve the interest of the children in one of several different roles. The following are options for which Dr. Grbac is trained and may lend much needed peace of mind, due to his background as a child and divorce specialist.

While 15-25% of couples divorcing with children engage in bitter emotional disputes over who will obtain the right to raise the children, mediation and collaborative family law practices are strongly encouraged and preferred strategies. For some families, either a custody/parenting plan will be ordered by the court, or a Parenting Coordinator will be required.

Parenting Coordination involves highly conflicted parents who lack the ability to effectively communicate and solve problems in the interest of their children. A Parenting Coordinator (PC) is ordered by the court to assist the parties in communication, problem solving, and dispute resolution. This role also recognizes that parents in constant conflict will emotionally injure their children. The PC promotes the children’s rights to have access to both parents and protects their interests.

In this position, Dr. Grbac utilizes all of his skills as a psychologist and mediator to resolve parent conflict in the interest of the children. Sessions begin on a weekly basis, involve only the parents, and address the relevant co-parenting issues. The process hopes to assist parents to where they develop the skills necessary, despite their past hostilities and disputes, to more efficiently and effectively reduce conflict and raise their children.

If you have any questions about any of these services, or the roles that Dr. Grbac may serve to help your children and family, please do not hesitate to contact him directly.

Read Dr. John’s Article in Florida Bar Family Law Section Publication (pages 51-53)