Psychological Testing

Dr. Grbac is well versed in psychological assessment and has taught graduate classes in psychological testing and evaluation. Prior to beginning testing, Dr. Grbac will have an initial interview to clarify the client’s needs, review recommended tests and procedures, and answer any questions about the testing process. All psychological testing is conducted by Dr. Grbac, so patients receive his personal attention and expertise. Results are also provided by Dr. Grbac with a separate review session scheduled to allow for feedback and questions.

Dr. John frequently conducts testing with children to assist in clarifying their educational status. This may involve intelligence or achievement tests to measure cognitive ability and academic skills. Testing to determine whether a child is gifted or troubled by a learning disorder are frequently conducted throughout the year, with results provided to the child’s school upon request.

Dr. Grbac provides specific evaluations for Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Dr. John has taught abnormal psychology at both the undergraduate and graduate levels, thus has a vast knowledge of the condition and other related problems which are frequently misdiagnosed. During the evaluative process, observations are made, and several clinical tests are administered. Parents receive the most comprehensive assessment of their child, facilitating appropriate treatment recommendations and providing parents with peace of mind.

Dr. Grbac administers psychological tests to assess personality and emotional functioning for children, adolescents and adults. Dr. John also has expertise in the areas of child abuse and sexual abuse intervention. He may assist a family in both assessing and treating abuse related issues. Dr. Grbac is a member of the Victim’s Services Coalition of Central Florida and received the Mental Health Services Provider Award in 2000.

Dr. Grbac also has extensive professional experience with divorce issues. He is able to assess parenting ability and conducts custody/parenting plan evaluations when ordered by the court. Custody evaluations are very comprehensive, evaluating all family members, and are focused on serving the child’s best interest.